[…] You all know what this is about. Anyone can make, in his own home, some simple wings and a pair of enormous fins: a dozen old newspapers or any kind of paper, oil, glue, and some sticks. Everyone today is familiar with this. Yes, today because flying with fins has replaced the bicycle, the motorcycle, the car, the train and is threatening to diminish the importance of the plane. This is the situation today, but until a year ago, things were different. Since he set foot in the West, the Author has been asked innumerable times how he managed to get out. The insistence of this question surprised him at first, but soon, he realized that he lived in the century of technological and scientific progress when the questions ‘Why’ and ‘What’ are not usually asked.

How to fly with fins – 1977, Vermezzo (Milan), Italy.

The swimming pool – 1977, ‘Dov’è la tigre’ Art Gallery, Milan, Italy.

The mole – 1978, ‘Bruna Soletti Gallery’, Milan, Italy & ‘Notation’ Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

Blowing bubbles – 1979, ’80 Langthon Street’ Gallery, San Francisco, USA & ‘Western Front’ Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

Music from the sky – 1979, Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Italy.

Music from the sky II – 1979, Mills College, Oakland, USA.

Music from the sky III – 1979, Fine Arts Gallery, University of California, Irvine, USA.

Diary of swimming across the Atlantic – 1979, ‘Franco Parenti’ Theater, Milan-Ferrara-Pavia, Italy.

Swimming across the Atlantic – 1982, Queen Elizabeth 2 Ocean Liner.

Swimming across Milan – 1984, Milan, Italy.

500 young faces – 1984, Milan-Rome-Turin-Bologna-Florence, Italy.

Fragments and Ferments (lactobacillus bulgaricus performance) – 1978, ‘Arte Fiera’, Bologna, Italy & 1988, Capri, Italy.

The mermaids of Po – Story sequence, 1991.

The big yellow bicycle… – 1987, Milan, Italy.

Venice Biennale – 2000, Venetian Arsenal, Venice, Italy.

Phonofigure – 1997-2008.

Sanctus Guido Acquensis – 2008, Cloister of the Canons, Acqui Terme (Alessandria), Italy.

Venice Biennale – 2007, Gardens of Venice, Venice, Italy.

The swimmers – 1998-2008.

Country concerts – 2015, Acqui Terme (Alessandria), Italy.