Music from the sky II

October 17th, 1979, Mills College, Oakland

Mills College students attending hot air balloon setup.

‘Music from the Sky II’ was realized on October 17th, 1979, at the Mills College in Oakland, San Francisco.

This time the previously recorded material was executed with the help of a particular installation: one hot-air balloon and its pilot were anchored with the help of ropes at an approximate height of 40 meters. A screen of semitransparent silk was fixed horizontally by four ropes, halfway between the gondola and the spectators. Images of the galaxies were projected consecutively on this screen while the music was literally coming from ‘the sky’, since the gondola carried a big loudspeaker. What was obtained, was an enlargement of the sky which was mixed with and became part of the real stars.

The cellist Amy Radner connected by cable with the gondola, and respectively with the loudspeaker, was realizing a human ‘dialogue’ improvising with the previously registered sonorous material.

The entire concert was announced in advance and was directly transmitted by the KPFA radio of Berkeley, San Francisco[1].

Amy Radner’s improvisation with cello.

[1] Misheff, A., Projects and paintings – 1979/1989, Milan, Mazzotta ed., 1989.