Trigon Biennale – Museum of Contemporary Art, Graz, 1975;

Put and remove – ‘Bocchi’ Gallery, Milan, 1975;

How to fly with fins – Cascina Pozzobonelli, Vermezzo (Milan), 1975;

The swimming pool – ‘Dov’è la tigre’ gallery, Milan, 1977;

Blowing Bubbles – ‘80 Langton Street Gallery’, San Francisco, 1978;

La talpa – ‘Bruna Soletti’ Gallery, Milan, 1978;

The mole – ‘Notation’ Gallery, Toronto, 1978;

Representing the problem – ‘Optica’ Gallery, Montreal, 1978;

Blowing Bubbles – ‘Western Front’ Art Gallery, Vancouver, 1979;

Music from the sky I – Piazza del Duomo, Milan, 1979;

Music from the Sky II – Mills College (San Francisco), 1979;

Music from the Sky III – Irvine University (Los Angeles), 1979;

Cocktail party – ‘Solari’ swimming pool, Milan, 1980;

Diary of the Atlantic crossing by swimming – ‘Franco Parenti’ Theater, Milan, 1980;

Diary of the Atlantic crossing by swimming – Piazza della Vittoria, Pavia, 1980;

Diary of the Atlantic crossing by swimming – Piazza del Municipio, Ferrara, 1980;

Slide show – ‘Collective for living Cinema, New York, 1981;

A thousand dollars for the Crossing – ‘Collective for living Cinema’, New York, 1981;

Twelve self-portraits from a cruise – Galleria ‘Borgogna’, Milan, 1981;

Swimming across the Atlantic – Queen Elizabeth 2, 1982;

Dripping from the swimmer – Solo exhibition, Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Grenoble, 1985;

Six great portraits – ‘Françoise Lambert’ Gallery, Milan, 1986;

Fragments and Ferments (lactobacillus bulgaricus performance) – Municipal Hall, Capri, 1988;

Talea, 6 meters sculpture in the Carlsbad desert, New Mexico, 1989;

Concerto for soprano and orchestra, on music by a non-musician artist – ‘Manzoni’ Theater, Milan, 1989;

A portrait a day 365 faces – ‘Capodimonte’ Museum, Naples, 1991;

Seven wonderful temples – Architectural projects and paintings – IULM University, Milan, 1995;

The sirens of the Po – Concert with Don Buchla – Antiche Terme, Acqui Terme (Alessandria), 1996;

Life portrait of Pierre Restany – Mudima Foundation, Milan, 1997;

Rain without thunder and Miss Viola in lemon yellow – ‘Out-Off’ Theater, Milan, 1998;

Opera totale 4 – ‘Toniolo’ Theater, Venice-Mestre, 1998;

Music for swimming across the Pacific – ‘Franco Parenti’ Theater, Milan, 1999;

Cantico 2000 – Concert with ‘The Swimmers’, Museo della Permanente, Milan, 2000;

Proliferating truth of sentiment – Architecture Biennale, Venice, 2000;

Santa Maria Nuova Musica Festival (AN), 2001;

Sunday concert – Palazzo ‘Thea’, Acqui Terme (Alessandria), 2001;

Improvisation with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra – Sala ‘Puccini’, Conservatory ‘G. Verdi’, Milan, 2001;

Crossing the Italian border, 28 August 1971 – ‘Gonzaga’ Institute, Milan, 2002;

Le sirene del Po – Concert at the Municipal Theater, Casale Monferrato, 2003;

Hands of velvet – Concert, Auditorium of Milan, 2003;

The garden of Spartacus (The Swimmers with Teodossii Spassov) – Teatro ‘Arsenale’, Milan, 2003;

Human technology – Triennale, Milan, 2004;

Concerto for Stradivari violin, Disklavier piano and violin-mobile phones quartet – With Eugene Sarbu, Paganini Prize, PAC, Contemporary Art Pavilion, Milan, 2005;

4 compositions and improvisations for forty horns and two pianos – Castello di Rivara (Turin), 2005;

Concert by Alzek Misheff with his Swimmers – ‘Fraschini’ Theater, Pavia, 2006;

Fonofigura: Joseph Beuys – Arsenale, ‘Spazio Thetis’, Venice Biennale, 2007;

Exchanging a sound of peace – Harmonia Mundi for Joseph Beuys – Closing concert, Arsenale, ‘Spazio Thetis’, Venice Biennale, 2007;

Swimming across the Atlantic 25 years later – Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce and Museo del Mare, Genoa, 2007;

Sanctus Guido Aquensis – Evocation in music, Cloister of the Canons, Acqui Terme, (Alessandria), 2008;

The trees of Fubine – painted with verdigris, Fubine (Alessandria), 2008;

Preludio Piano City – ‘Caserma Magenta’, Milan, 2011;

Verderame: performance of painting – Personal exhibition at the ‘SG14’ space, Milan, 2011;

PIANO.City – Improvisation with Arrigo Cappelletti, Milan, 2012;

Orchestra II – 9×3 meters painting, Inauguration at the Town Council Hall, Acqui Terme (Alessandria), 2013;

The Grape Festival – 9×3 meters painting, Inauguration and Concert in the deconsecrated church, Ponti (Alessandria), 2016;

Country Concerts, Four large paintings: New York, Moscow, Milan and Acqui Terme – Inauguration of the exhibition at Palazzo ‘Thea’, Acqui Terme (Alessandria), 2018;

The Newest Small Paintings of the Swimmer – Solo exhibition at ‘The Swimming Pool’ Gallery, Sofia, 2019;

Saint George – 4×4 meters painting, placement in the Church of the same name in Montechiaro d’Acqui (Alessandria), 2021;

Acqui Milano Sofia. A Retrospective Exhibition of Alzek Misheff – Exhibition at the ‘National Gallery’, Sofia, 2021.


‘Swimming through Milan’ – Milan, 1984 (billboard surface: 1,800 m²);

‘50 faces at Garibaldi Station’ – Milan, 1984 (billboard surface: 200 m²);

‘500 faces in Milan, Florence, Turin, Bologna and Rome’, 1984 (billboard surface: 5,371 m²);

‘500 faces in Milan, Florence, Turin, Bologna and Rome’, 1984 (billboard surface: 5,371 m²);

‘150 faces of Grenoble’ – Grenoble, 1985 (billboard surface: 250 m²);

‘The big yellow bicycle’ – Milan, 1987 (billboard surface: 360 m²);

‘Painting the advertising’ – Milan, 1987 (billboard surface: 310 m²);

‘Alzek Misheff invites you to keep the subway clean’ – Subway stations, Milan, 1993.


‘April Meeting’ – Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, 1976;

‘03-23-03’ – Museum of Contemporary Art, Montréal, 1977;

‘Quadriennale’ – Rome, 1977;

‘The space of memory’ – ‘Blu’ Gallery, Milan, 1977;

‘Current events in art in Italy’ – ‘Civic Modern Art Gallery’, Gallarate (Varese), 1989;

‘Cantico 2000’ – Museo della Permanente, Milan, 2000;

‘La Bellezza’ – Museo della Permanente, Milan, 2006.