Fragments and Ferments

(Lactobacillus bulgaricus performance)

June 1978, ‘Arte fiera’, Bologna

September 24th, 1988, Capri

Fragments in Capri.

In order to answer the many voices wondering about the physical aspects of my works, I prepared: Fragments and Ferments (Lactobacillus bulgaricus performance).

Classic ingredients for tarator: yogurt, garlic, walnut, salt, fennel, and cucumbers.

Is it possible to fly with fins? Sure! But first you must be able to swim butterfly, without interruption, for at least one hour.

And this is impossible without the pure energy of the ‘tarator’: a yogurt-based meal.

Ingredients: yogurt, cucumbers, walnuts, salt, lots of garlic, ice, dill.

For six days I had been ‘feeding’ the international artistic community: on a table, in front of the eyes of the passing cultural operators, using the above ingredients, I offered a tasting free of charge and the photocopied recipe of that Bulgarian national dish. The hot weather in those days certainly predetermined the success of that initiative of mine.

P.S. Besides me the other artists invited were Hermann Nitsch with his orgies and blood, and Marina Abramović with Ulay, naked in a narrow door through which the audience had to pass…[1]

[1] Misheff, A., My lies, Milan, Dov’è la tigre ed., 1979.