Country concerts

August 2015, Acqui Terme

At Palazzo Thea, Acqui Terme.

What kind of painting in the late XXI century? Do the modern and the abstract set forever, does the time I was born in, and where I have been do the same? Does the no-longer-modern rise?

Thoughts among others while thinking about the concerts under the arbor, that is the raised grapevine.

Usual things, musicians with their instruments. Are they good, are they skillful, are they virtuous?

It is not known why and for whom they play… perhaps for themselves. Are they a frame to introduce the backgrounds? And, are the backgrounds plausible views or distant mirages?

Multiple levels, one behind the other, materials, pigments, cross-references, echoes. And when the painting expands and continues on the very, very wide frame, it becomes a reverberation, a visual echo…