Music from the sky III

October 24th, 1979, Fine Arts Gallery, University of California, Irvine

‘Music from the Sky III’ was produced at the Irvine University, near Los Angeles, on October 24th, 1979. It was very similar to the Oakland concert but this time the musical interpretation was provided by young musicians.

From Milan to California through music from the sky: another of Alzek Misheff’s spectacular performances was set on the Irvine campus, south of Los Angeles. It was like the ideal sequel to ‘Music from the sky’ that fell down on Piazza del Duomo in Milan.

Invitation to the concert.

From the cosmic physics laboratory in Milan also came the photos of nebulae (originally taken by NASA) that Misheff projected into the silk of two parachutes cut and sewn and connected to a balloon anchored 70 meters above the ground. Also from Italy, by the electronic computing team of the University of Pisa came the translation into sounds of the images of the three celestial subjects: the laser beam which reads the image at each point and receives back the spacetime and chromatic information, memorized from computers with numerical values sent to a synthesizer to translate them into sounds.

But Misheff did not stop there: to capture the highlight – or to seize the moment – of the encounter between space, time, sound, image, he played an orchestra of fifty elements. Impromptu, like rain from the sky[1].

[1] Casa Vogue, no. 106, May 1980.