Venice Biennale 2007

August 25th, 2007, Gardens of Venice

Playing Lightning and directing ‘Italian Flute Orchestra’: in the darkness of the marvelous gardens, at 4 am, the flute players mix with the people who are gently rustling, exchanging small instruments, we are all literally the fireflies-crickets in the concert… This small wooden object is set in motion multiple times, an instrument created for the concert that, when touched, lights up like fireflies, and the sound resembles the sound of crickets.

Harmonia Mundi for J. Beuys

(subject of the score for improvisation)

In the many favorable pauses

in the dark hour of dusk

there is still no sound.

In the red and violet hour

the green gets gray

uncertain whisper flares up

and suddenly fades out.

And the heart tightens

in the gloomy hour of the dark blue,

dull and distant thunders,

yellow and distant stars,

a thousands years.

But in the hour of the blue the Moon

the unpredictable baton

raves about ebbs and flows

shapes, grows, and rotates.

And at midnight sings the golden hour:

a balance of meanings

or an invitation to give and love?

At the stroke of one o’clock in orange dark

of ambrosia and sangria

very small cosmogonies their rites

crazy crickets, out of their minds:

the world is sleeping!

This is the silver of the first breeze

that smells of a pair of lovers

one cannot see the moon now

Venus is the lighthouse.

And the dawn breaks

the impossible combination of

rose ochre.

The hope of king men is sounding.